About me and my pottery


From first steps to  very special garden pots....


Thanks to a wonderfully enthusiastic and inspirational teacher my love of pottery stems from my school days.  I have no other formal training - just a love of playing with clay, practising and experimenting with different techniques and mixing with interesting and inspirational people.


My speciality is garden pots, sculptures and ornaments. made with heavily grogged clay and fired to 1260°, ensuring that they are completely frost-proof so can safely live outside all year round.


I love to build up texture on the clay using hand made stamps, combustible materials and found objects, and then decorate with slips and stains, watching the colours flow like little rivers into all the dents and dings (technical term!) to highlight the patterns.


Cats, chickens and ladies like to sit on walls and steps to greet you when you go out into the garden,  my "head" planters benefit from some nice foliage hair, cane toppers obviously like to sit on canes but are also happy to sit on rocks, walls and even your kitchen shelf, totems like to show off and make a statement and lizard balls love nothing better than to peep out from your flower beds and rockeries.  


Of course it's your garden and you probably have your own ideas but one thing they all have in common is that they are no trouble - they'll never wilt in a drought and accuse you of neglect, and even the naked ladies will quite happily stay out in the snow!


Self portrait on a chilly day

This is my pride and joy.  Back in 2000 The Hilliers Garden Centre held a competition to find a pot that would complement their planned design for the Chelsea Flower Show.  Mine was the winning pot and it was so exciting to visit Chelsea and see it in pride of place in their gold medal winning garden!


If I had £1 for every time someone has said "oh what a shame...you broke it"!  In fact it is a testament to the durability of my pots that it has remained intact all these years, survived three house moves and has only improved with age!

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